What is Ebikemotion? The electrical system

All new generation Legend electric bikes are smart bikes, also called "Smart eBikes", which offer great connectivity and a variety of new possibilities thanks to the technology used by our electric system. 

The Ebikemotion system enables you to stay in control of your electric bicycle and the environment around you, thus significantly improving the riding experience.

All the information regarding the itinerary of your eBike, maximum, minimum and average speed, calories consumed, altitude, etc. will be displayed on your laptop (IOS / Android) and in the cloud hosting provided by Ebikemotion. Connect the smart eBike via Bluetooth to have access to a number of parameters and stats.

You can also view the status of your electric bike, activities, reports, status, theft alerts, change of ownership, online alerts and much more.

Please find below the link to our "Ebikemotion Quick Guide" available on our website, explaining how to connect to our Ebikemotion smartphone app : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eBae9Xy6Nb2JphFjJAy2hrQOoVz_QyrJ/view

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