How should I take care of my Legend bike? Maintenance tips


Clean, adjust, inflate and lubricate. This is the basic maintenance protocol for a traditional bicycle, which is valid for an electric bicycle. It is very important to check the bike after use to extend the life of the components. We recommend that you follow the following instructions carefully:
  1. Clean all areas of the bicycle with rags, paper moistened with soap and water but not with corrosive products such as alcohol or turpentine. An air compressor can be very useful.
  2. Check the condition of the wheels or tires for cuts, cracks or incrusted objects such as stones, glass or sticks.
  3. Brakes should have the pads close to the disc but not touching it. When the brake lever is operated with little force, the brake should act instantly. The pads must be perfectly adjusted to avoid noise and uneven braking.
  4. The wiring must not be too rigid, because with changes in temperature and use, the material expands and if excessive force is applied, it can come loose until it breaks.
  5. Make sure that the chain runs frictionless outside its mechanism.
  6. Due to the vibrations received during use, we must periodically check the tightness of the screws and bolts, mainly on the wheels, saddle and handlebars.
  7. Grease the bottom bracket bearings and wheel hubs.
  8. Do not carry passengers and heavy objects (load capacity of the luggage carrier: maximum 27 kg), as they may damage the battery and motor.
Do not use pressurized water.


All Legend eBikes electric bikes are powered by lithium batteries. To recharge the battery, plug the charger into the socket. You will notice that the indicator light on the charger turns green, indicating that the unit is working properly. Aside from the recharging, these batteries do not require any other maintenance. To extend the life of the battery, do not keep the bike in places where the temperature may possibly drop below zero degrees or exceed 50°C.

Ideally, do not wait until the battery is completely empty. Each time you start charging the battery, it is not a recharge cycle, the cycle consists of using the full capacity wh of the battery, whether you have discharged it by 300wh for example in one shot or in 4 times by carrying out partial charges. This is not a problem.
It is preferable to charge the battery when it has 30% remaining and if it is stored at about 60%, in case of periods longer than 2 months, to make partial charges, (20min) every 2 months.
The battery can be left on charge all weekend, completely discharged each time, filled to 100% each time, but ideally used between 80% and 30% even if the only thing to do to claim the warranty and obtain a longer battery life is to charge it every 2 months.
To maximize the life of your battery, try to maintain it in accordance with these tips:
  1. Do not wait until the battery is completely empty before recharging it. Keep in mind that the more often you charge your battery, the greater the performance you will get from it.
  2. Keep the battery at 50% of its charge. 
  3. Store it in a cool, dry place and charge it at least every two months.
  4. Be careful not to store the battery fully discharged or fully charged for long periods of time.
  5. Keep the battery half charged if you are not using your Smart eBike for a long period of time.
  6. Due to the natural self-discharge rate of Lithium-Ion cells, you should check the charge level approximately every 2 months and, if necessary, apply a 30-minute charge.  


To optimize motor performances, please follow the instructions below :
  1. Avoid idling the engine and try to help the engine with the strength of your legs. This will prevent the engine and/or battery from overheating.
  2. In case of rain, the bicycle should not be used on ground where the water level covers the engine.


The controller is installed within the frame, near the folding area. It is very important to take into consideration the following points:
1. Do not immerse in water.
2. Do not knock or open it
NOTE: In the event that water gets into the controller box, turn off the general power immediately and ride without electrical assistance until you are sure it is dry, then you can turn the pedal-assist system back on.  

Do not attempt to open the controller box. Any attempt to modify or adjust it will not be covered under warranty. Ask your dealer or Legend Service for assistance.  

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