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Always read the user manual completely and become familiar with it before using your electric bicycle for the first time.  As with any outdoor activity, cycling carries a risk of injury and accidents. In addition, because the vehicle has an electric component, this risk may be greater.
When you choose to ride an electric bicycle, you assume responsibility for that risk. Therefore, you need to know the rules of safe and responsible riding, as well as proper use and maintenance. Obviously, this will reduce the risk of accidents. This electric bicycle is intended for use by adults only. As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for the activities and safety of the child in your care. This includes ensuring that the child can use and control all functions of the bicycle, and, of course, fully understand all parts of this manual.  


Check the condition of your bike before every ride.

  1. Nuts and bolts: Make sure nothing is loosened.
  2. Tires and rims: Make sure that the tires are inflated to the correct pressure (the correct pressure is indicated on the side of the tire) and in good condition. Turn each wheel slowly to look for cuts in the tread.
  3. Brakes: Make sure that the brakes are working properly, that there are no twisting movements, and that the brake pads are not worn or incorrectly positioned. Check that the cables are lubricated, properly adjusted, and not damaged. The brake controls must be firmly attached to the handlebars.
  4. Attachments: Make sure that the seat post is securely fastened and tight, as well as the folding hinge locks, if applicable.
  5. Seat and Handlebar Alignment: Make sure the seat and handlebar base are parallel to the centerline of the bicycle frame.
  6. Handlebar Grips: Make sure the handlebar grips are in good condition.
  7. Rack: Make sure it is securely attached to the bicycle.
  8. Charger: Use only the original charger to charge the battery. If the battery will not be used for a long period of time, store it in a cool, dry place and recharge it at least every two months.  
  9. Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance on your Legend eBike. Replace any damaged components or elements before using the bike again. Proper bicycle maintenance and repairs should be entrusted to a specialized workshop.
If you have purchased your LEGEND electric bike online, the bike can be shipped semi-assembled. We recommend that you visit a professional bike shop or workshop where they will be able to adjust the gears and brakes (if they are not available) and assemble the parts with the minimum safety precautions.  


  • Respect the applicable rules in your country, region, or city for traveling on public roads:
  • Required gear in certain countries:
  • We recommend always using:
    • Approved helmet.
    • Protective gloves.
    • Reflective vest or clothing.
    • Dark or clear protective glasses, depending on lighting.
    • Closed-toe shoes.
    • Tight-fitting clothing.
  • Responsible behaviour:
    • Ensure to keep body parts and other objects out of the reach of chain links, pedals, cranks, and moving wheels.
    • Always ride at a speed appropriate for the conditions. As you know, increasing your speed increases your risk.
    • Follow the rules of the road. Remember that you also need to know all the rules and regulations governing the use of electric bicycles. Laws and ordinances generally vary from municipality to municipality. It is your responsibility to be aware of and comply with local restrictions.
    • Never use headphones. They will mask the sound of traffic and emergency sirens, preventing you from concentrating on what is happening around you. In addition, cables can become entangled in moving parts of the bicycle, causing you to lose control.
    • Never carry anything that prevents you from seeing or that could affect the control of your bicycle.
    • Never attach yourself to another vehicle for riding.
    • Do not exceed the maximum allowable weight of the bicycle, as its components may be damaged or even broken.
    • Replace any damaged components or items before using the bicycle again. Bicycles should be serviced and repaired by an authorized dealer.
    • Do not attempt to jump or ride on a wheel as this may cause accidents and damage the bicycle.
    • Never ride a bicycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Avoid riding your bicycle partially or fully immersed in water, otherwise the electronic components and parts may be damaged.
    • If possible, avoid riding on rainy days, when visibility is limited, at night and in the evening, or in case of extreme fatigue. These conditions increase the risk of accidents.


In the rain, the efficiency of your brakes (like those of other vehicles) is drastically reduced, and your tyres do not adhere as well as in the dry. To make sure you can slow down and stop safely in the rain, drive slower and use your brakes earlier and more gradually than you would in the dry.

Rain affects the traction, braking, and visibility of the rider and other drivers who share the road. The risk of an accident increases dramatically in these conditions. Take special care when riding your bike in extreme rain. Please note that damage to the electrical system caused by contact with water will be considered as misuse damage and therefore not covered under warranty.  


Riding a bike at night is much more dangerous than during the day. For other drivers and pedestrians, noticing the presence of a cyclist is not easy. Therefore, minors should never ride at dawn, at dusk or at night when it is closed. Adults should only do so if it is essential.

Make sure that the front and rear lights are working properly . Reflectors and reflectors are installed to reflect street and car light so that you are recognized as a cyclist on the move. Please note that reflective devices are not substitutes for lights.  

Information source

  • The highway code.


  • UK Cycling Laws - Updated for 2023


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