45023 - Do the ebikes have LCD display? 📟📱🖥️

Yes, indeed, our Legend bicycles come with different displays.

iWoc 5 and iWoc TRIO+

This is a basic, accurate, and compact control developed by MAHLE with BluetoothⓇ technology. With this display, your Legend eBike already functions perfectly, and its electronic system can be managed. You can increase or decrease assistance and know the battery level at all times. If you want more real-time information, you can access the myriad features provided by Bluetooth technology. You just need to download and install the free My Smart Bike app on your Android or IOS smartphone and link it to the bike through the Bluetooth module included in the joystick.

You will find the user manuals at this link: Technical Documentation, App, and Useful Links Download Center 📖📱💻

iWoc 5

The joystick features 3 function buttons, 2 lines of white LEDs, and Bluetooth connectivity. Standard display until 2022.


  • The upper LED scale indicates the battery level.
  • The lower LED scale indicates the assistance level.
  • Upper button: Increase assistance | Turn on lights
  • Central button: ON-OFF | Activate Bluetooth
  • Lower button: Decrease assistance | "Walk assist"

iWoc TRIO+

The joystick features 3 function buttons, 2 central RGB LEDs, Bluetooth, and ANT+ connectivity. Standard display since 2023.


  • Fixed RGB: Battery level.
    • 100% charge: White LED
    • 0% charge: Red LED
  • Flashing RGB: Assistance level.
    • No Assistance: White LED
    • 25% - 60% - 100% Assistance: Blue to orange LED
    • Custom Assistance: Red LED
  • Upper button: Increase assistance | Turn on lights
  • Central button: ON-OFF | Activate Bluetooth
  • Lower button: Decrease assistance | "Walk assist"


The PULSAR ONE display is optional and requires the iWoc TRIO+ joystick. Both use BluetoothⓇ and ANT+Ⓡ technology, allowing connectivity with multiple external devices simultaneously. Devices such as heart rate monitors, cadence sensors, etc.


At this link, you will find the description of the PULSAR ONE display on our website. You can find more detailed information about ANT+ technology in the article "What is the difference between ANT and ANT+?"


The PULSAR ONE instruction manual can be found at this link.

iWoc 5 and iWoc TRIO+ compatibility

Legend eBikes models equipped with iWoc 5 can be upgraded to TRIO+ without any issues. You can purchase the PULSAR ONE paired with the iWoc TRIO+, ready to install on your eBike. Remember to provide us with the serial number of your eBike for proper configuration so that you receive it in "Plug and Play" mode.

Control panel

From your personal cloud page at www.my-smartbike.com, you can view all the information about your rides: Maximum, minimum, and average speed, calories burned, altitude, route difficulty, detailed times, etc.

Through integrated web services like STRAVA, you can share and compare all the details with other users who have made their activities public.

Riding a bike will never be the same again.

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