Do the ebikes have LCD display?

None of our current models have an LCD display. Being Smart eBikes, we use the ebikemotion system (a technology developed by the German group Mahle) that allows absolute control of your electric bike and the environment around you.

The joystick has 5 buttons and several LEDs that indicate the basics: battery status and assistance level. With this, the electrical system already works by itself, but to access the endless features that ebikemotion offers, you will only have to download and install the free APP on your Android or IOS Smartphone, and link it with the bicycle through the Bluetooth module which includes the joystick.

In addition, from your personal page in the cloud, you will be able to see all the information regarding your route: maximum, minimum and average speed, calories consumed, altitude, difficulty of the route, detailed times, etc. Through integrated web services, such as FACEBOOK or STRAVA, you can share and compare all the details with other users who have made their activities public. Riding a bike will never be the same again.

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