41023 - After-Sales Service, how does it work?

If there is a problem with your Legend Smart eBike, you will be asked to provide a detailed description of the malfunction, log into the MAHLE Smartbike app, send us photos or videos of the defect, and we will ask you to complete our feedback form. This warranty form will be sent to our technical / after-sales service department, who will help you resolve the problem remotely. For warranty issues, replacement parts or components required for repair will be sent to you at no additional cost.

If this is not enough to repair the fault, and it is necessary to go to a professional workshop, we can agree with you to repair the bicycle at a local workshop (the one closest to you). If the bike cannot be repaired at a local workshop, we collect and repair it directly at the factory. Transportation costs will be covered by the warranty. 
Please note that it is mandatory to keep the original packaging (cardboard + plastic protection) for the duration of the warranty (2 years) in order to send the bike with a safe transport guarantee. Otherwise, some fees may apply.

To coordinate the after-sales service, if you have technical questions or if you need advice, please contact us by email : support@legendebikes.com

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