Are the eBikes sold fully assembled?

The e-bike is practically assembled and adjusted, you just have to follow the following points before you can start riding.

  • Assembling the pedals: The pedals have a special adjustment system. When assembling them, you should make sure you have selected the right pedal for its crank: we place the right pedal on the right crank, indicated with the letter R (right); and the left pedal on the left crank, indicated with the letter L (left). Always screw the pedals onto the crank in the direction of pedaling. Try not to force the screw as it could damage the threads and make them unusable. Use a 6mm Allen key or 15mm wrench to screw the pedals onto the cranks. Check regularly.
  • Tire pressure: Make sure that the tires are inflated between 2,5 and 3,2 bars. Please note that if you have chosen the Legend Siena model you will find the tires deflated to facilitate transport.

Additional notes for Legend Etna and Legend Milano models:

  • Adjust the handlebars: Align the handlebars and tighten the 2 screws to 5 Nm (4mm Allen key).
  • Mount the front wheel of the bike: Secure the front wheel with a 15mm fixed wrench.

You will find the user manuals and warranty conditions in the following links:

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