How to connect my smart eBike to ebikemotion

Below are the steps to install and pair the Ebikemotion® system app with your Legend smart eBike, as well as the Iwoc and ebikemotion user manual :

1.Install the ebikemotion® application in the Apple Store for Apple users. If you are an Android user, ebikemotion® can be found in the Google Play store.

2.Complete the registration and login process and register as a new ebikemotion® user.

3. Turn on your eBike by pressing the central button on the joystick. Once the bike is switched on, return to the application by logging in with your user name. Once logged in to your account, to link the bike to the app, you need to open the drop down list in the top left corner, enter > options, select > connect with ebikemotion® and automatically in less than 10 seconds your smartphone will connect to the bike. Then, by pressing the drop down menu in the top left corner, you can go to the main screen, and also have the option to register your activity.

4.Once registered, the ebikemotion® app will pair with your Smart eBike Legend. A green light will flash on the Iwoc joystick of your Smart eBike and the message "pairing with ebikemotion® bike" will be displayed on your ebikemotion® app.

As a reminder : once the Smart eBike Legend is paired with an ebikemotion® smartphone, you will have to delete the app on your previous smartphone if you want to pair a new one.

In addition, here is the Iwoc user manual :


And the ebikemotion® user manual. :


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