27023EN - How to connect my Smart eBike to the MAHLE app "My SmartBike"

Below you will find the different steps to install and pair the system MAHLE app with your Legend eBike, as well as the user manual for the Iwoc.

  1. Install the "My Smart Bike" app from Mahle. You can find it in the Technical Documentation Download Center, applications and links.
  2. Complete the registration and login process and sign up as a new Mahle user.
  3. Turn on your eBike by pressing the central button on the joystick.
  4. Return to the app and log in with your username.
  5. Select "Add a new bike." Choose the detected unit.
  6. Wait for it to be recognized and for the user profile data to load. THIS STEP MAY TAKE A WHILE.

    If an error occurs, repeat the process.

    If the error persists:

    • Restart the bike (Disconnect the battery).
    • Close the app and restart it.
    • Repeat the process from step 3 to 5.

You can find videos, more detailed technical information, and user manuals at this link:

Technical Documentation Download Center, applications, and links.

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