For the Etna model, is it possible to change from 250W-36V to 500W-48V?

Yes, it is possible, although it can be quite complicated and expensive, as you will need to rebuild the e-bike both mechanically and electrically.

In broad strokes, the steps to follow are:

  1. Replace the current 250W - 36V motor with the new 500W - 48V motor.
  2. Acquire a new 48V INFrame battery.
  3. Update all the e-bike firmware to adapt it to the new motor and its higher voltage.

The only way to make these changes is to return your Smart Etna Legend eBike to our warehouse in Spain.

Finally, remember that if your Legend Etna Smart eBike is 250W and you want to convert it to a 500W Etna, you should not just buy a more powerful battery to make this change; there are more steps to perform.

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