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Legend eBikes is a Spanish company based in Ripollet, Barcelona, dedicated to the manufacturing of smart electric bicycles (Smart eBikes). Founded in 2012 by three enthusiasts of sustainable mobility, our company was born with the goal of revolutionizing the industry and providing eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions.

We offer a wide range of electric folding bike models tailored to various areas of activity. Thanks to the exceptional quality, originality, and diversity of our products, the Legend eBikes brand has expanded beyond Spanish borders, being present in most of Europe and reaching countries such as Uruguay or New Zealand.

Our focus

At Legend eBikes, we firmly believe in an environmentally friendly world where technology and innovation enhance people's lives. We strive to create products that enable fast and comfortable travel in both urban and rural environments.

We are passionate about cycling and technology, and it is this combination that drives us to innovate constantly. Our highly skilled and demanding technical team works on the design, quality, and innovation of our products to provide an optimal and satisfying riding experience.

Spanish design, Portuguese manufacture, German technology

At Legend eBikes, we embrace international collaboration to ensure the excellence of our products. Our electric bicycles are designed in Barcelona, where we leverage the rich cycling culture and passion for design to create original and appealing models.

We have continuously developed and improved four sturdy and lightweight aluminum frames with impeccable finishes, perfectly tailored to each type of use. Our bicycles are lightweight, powerful, comfortable, offer complete control, and are optimized for exceptional balance and maneuverability.

The manufacturing of our bicycles takes place in Portugal, in close collaboration with industry experts. We work with rigor and dedication to ensure that each of our bicycles meets the highest standards of quality and durability.

We take pride in incorporating German technology from the MAHLE Group. This collaboration allows us to integrate high-quality and high-performance components into our electric bicycles, providing our customers with an exceptional and reliable riding experience.

In addition to providing impeccable technical support and after-sales service, Legend eBikes is also a leading and responsible brand in the industry, with certified partners in over 10 countries. Our engineers and technicians have been trained in the United States by the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) and have access to the latest technologies and diagnostic tools.

Our vision

At Legend eBikes, our vision is to be one of the leaders in the electric bicycle market. We aim to actively contribute to the transformation of urban mobility by providing quality products that promote a sustainable and healthy form of transportation.

We strive to be recognized as a benchmark brand throughout Europe in the high-end electric bicycle segment. We aim to continue expanding our horizons and bring our sustainable mobility solutions to more people worldwide.

Join our community

If you share our passion for sustainable mobility and want to be part of our community, we invite you to explore our range of Legend electric bicycles! Contact us today and start enjoying the unique experience that our electric bikes offer.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to stay updated on our latest developments and discover how Legend electric bikes can transform your city commuting experience.

We look forward to accompanying you on your journey towards a cleaner and healthier future. Contact us now and join the electric mobility revolution with Legend eBikes!

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