20023 - First use. How do I start using my electrical bike?

For the first outing, choose a controlled environment, away from cars, other cyclists, obstacles, and unforeseen situations. Take advantage of these circumstances to familiarize yourself with the controls and operation of your new eBike.

Make sure that the battery is locked with the key on the frame. Otherwise, there is a risk that it may move or fall, and damages would not be covered by the warranty.

The use of an electric bicycle is similar to that of a conventional bicycle, but it has some remarkable differences. An electric bicycle is heavier and takes more time to stop. To use it, position yourself in a balanced position on the bike.

Use mandatory safety elements such as a helmet, goggles, gloves, and reflective elements. In some countries, their use may be mandatory depending on traffic conditions.

Respect traffic rules. Public roads are shared, and we must respect pedestrians and other users. Let's avoid putting ourselves in danger by making unnecessary recklessness. In some countries, fines are very high and can lead to very high financial penalties or even imprisonment.

Familiarize yourself with the elements of your bicycle and learn how to use them:

  1. Saddle: Adjust the saddle height for your comfort so that you feel secure.
    1. Novice rider: Should have the saddle slightly lower to be able to stop the eBike without getting off the saddle and reach the ground with their feet.
    2. Experienced rider: Should have the saddle more extended to be able to use the maximum leg extension during pedaling. When stopping the eBike, they should dismount from the saddle.
  2. Wheels: Check that the tire pressure is sufficient. You will find more information in this article: What is the recommended tyre pressure for my Legend ebike?
  3. Brakes: Test them at low speed, shifting your weight towards the rear and gently squeezing the brake levers. Be careful:
    1. Front brake: Excessive application of the front brake can throw you over the handlebars.
    2. Wheel lock: Braking too hard can lock the wheels, causing a loss of control or even a fall.
  4. Suspension: If your bike has suspension, become familiar with its response when applying the brake and shifting weight.
  5. Mechanical gear shift: Learn to use the mechanical gear shift before using electric assistance. This will allow you to get the maximum performance from your eBike. More information is available in this article: Can I shift gears when the bike is stopped?
  6. Electric assistance: Control the bike's speed using the brakes and try gradually increasing the electric assistance level.

Attention: The bike can accelerate quickly from a stopped position and catch you by surprise. Make sure you always have the necessary space to start moving.


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