59023EN - Assistance levels

Models and Functioning

Legend Smart eBikes provide assistance starting from 5 km/h when the user is pedaling. If the user is not pedaling, the assistance does not activate. Similarly, if the speed does not reach 5 km/h, the eBike does not provide assistance.

Assistance is automatically cut off upon reaching 25 km/h in all EPAC models (Monza, Siena, Milano, Etna 250W).

For the Etna 500W - non-EPAC model - the speed limit exceeds 25 km/h in assistance level 4 - Custom Level.

Assistance levels

All Legend Smart eBikes have 4 assistance levels, with the first 3 configured and non-editable, and the last one customizable through the My Smartbike app > Motor Maps.

In levels 1 to 3, assistance is delivered progressively based on the eBike's speed, ranging from a minimum of 5 km/h to 25 km/h. The higher the speed, the greater the assistance, up to a maximum determined by the assistance level.

  • Level 0: No assistance
  • Level 1: Up to 25% motor power
  • Level 2: Up to 60% motor power
  • Level 3: Up to 100% motor power
  • Level 4: Customizable

The assistance levels are displayed differently depending on whether you have the iWoc 5 or the iWoc TRIO+.

You can find more information about their functions in this article: "Do the bikes have a display?"

Customizable level of assistance

Level 4 can be adjusted according to the driver's needs, with two common profiles:

  1. EXPERT Rider: Typically sets mode 4 as "TURBO," making the eBike deliver maximum power from the start at low speeds.
    1. PRO: You will get maximum performance from the beginning and quickly reach the top speed.
    2. CONS: This configuration may cause the eBike to behave very responsively at low speeds, and the battery range may significantly decrease due to the constant delivery of maximum power.
  2. NOVICE Rider: In this case, even level 1 delivers too much power to the rider once speeds exceed 10 km/h. Additionally, these users prefer to feel the control of pedaling in their legs and apply constant force while pedaling. To configure this profile, assistance levels should be reduced to 0 from 10 km/hr onwards.
    1. PRO: You will enjoy the feeling of assisted pedaling at the start, and your Legend eBike will assist in getting moving. Later, you'll need to pedal to maintain a certain speed.
    2. CONS: None; these users prefer a leisurely bike ride to a fast-paced cycling race. Reaching the maximum speed will depend solely on them, as assistance cuts off earlier.
You will find below the 4 motor maps with the power delivered in each of them:

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