37023EN - Homologation R200: What is it?

To facilitate the comparison of battery performance in different e-bikes on the market, the R200 standard has been established for homologation under the DIN/TS 31064 norm.

This standard defines the performance of the e-bike. Therefore, the same battery assembled in different e-bike models could provide different autonomy.

This standard sets the test parameters to standardize testing conditions and compare e-bike tests under the same conditions.

It is expected that this homologation will become the market standard for comparing the performance of different e-bikes and their batteries.

R200 Test Conditions

    • Terrain type: Rough
    • Surface: Poorly-maintained asphalt road
    • Wind conditions: Light wind
    • Total weight (cyclist + e-bike + luggage): 100 kg
    • Average pedaling force: 70W
    • Seated position: Cruiser bike
    • Start frequency: Medium
    • Average speed: 20 km/h
    • Average cadence: 60 rpm
  • eBIKE
    • Bike condition: Like new (Battery, transmission chain, etc.)
    • Assist factor: 200%
    • Bike light: Not turned on

To ensure the quality of our products and facilitate our customers' purchasing decisions, we are working to provide the performance data of our e-bikes under this new homologation soon.


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