Which bike has more range Etna 500W or Etna 250W?

If we consider the following battery options: 36V 14Ah for the Etna with the 250W motor and 48V 10.5Ah battery for the 500W motor, both batteries have the same capacity, 504wh (watt hours) that results from multiplying the voltage by the amperage: 36v x 14Ah results in 504wh as well as 48v x 10.5Ah. 

So if the use were the same, they would have a very similar consumption, but you have to consider that the 500W enables you to release more energy to achieve greater torque (70N.m in 500W and 40N.m in 250W) and higher speed.
In practice, since the 500W model can release more energy, it has less range.
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