22023EN - Which bike has more range Etna 500W or Etna 250W?

If we consider the battery options of 36 V - 14 Ah for the Etna with a 250 W motor and the 48 V - 10.5 Ah battery, both batteries have the same capacity, 504 Wh (watt-hours), which results from multiplying the voltage by the amperage:

  • Etna 250W - 36 V x 14 Ah = 504 Wh
  • Etna 500W - 48 V x 10.5 Ah = 504 Wh

So, if the usage were the same, they would have very similar consumption. However, it's important to consider that the 500 W model allows you to release more energy to achieve higher torque, 40 Nm at 250 W and 70 Nm at 500 W (+75%), and higher speed.

In practice, by being able to release more energy, the 500W model has less autonomy.

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