11023EN - What are the differences between the types of batteries you offer?🔋⚡🔋⚡

For most of our models, we offer at least these two capacities:

  • 374 Wh - 10.4 Ah - 36V SANYO-PANASONIC: up to 80 km of autonomy *
  • 504 Wh - 14 Ah - 36V PANASONIC: up to 100Km of autonomy *

All our batteries have thermal sensors and an electronic management system (BMS) programmed to ensure optimal operation in charging and discharging.

Best quality cells to power an engine with efficiency rates up to 80%

The difference between the two options lies in the storage capacity of their cells and consequently the range (km) you can obtain depending on the level of assistance you request.

* Based on a 70 kg cyclist riding on level ground, without stops or wind, at assistance level 1. Homologation R200 pending.
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